The 6CNIS & 2CNISS conference will address the following topics:

  1.  Seismicity of Romania; physics of seismic sources; lithosphere structure and dynamics; processing of seismic data; seismic hazard assessment; earthquake monitoring and early warning
  2.  Geotechnical earthquake engineering; site effects
  3.  Design regulations; structural analysis, performance based-design, seismic evaluation and rehabilitation
  4.  Seismic behaviour of engineering structures and of the transportation networks and lifelines
  5.  Seismic risk evaluation and management of emergency situations
  6. Innovative  solutions for seismic protection of building structures
  7.  Workshop “40 years from March 4, 1977  Vrancea earthquake”
  8.  Workshop “BIGSEES – BrIdging the Gap between Seismology and Earthquake Engineering: from the seismicity of Romania towards a refined implementation of Seismic action EN1998-1 in earthquake resistant design of buildings”
  9.  Workshop “RO-RISK – Disaster risk assessment at national level”


The 6th National Conference of Earthquake Engineering and The 2nd National Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology