Abstracts (in English language, with maximum 300 words, .doc file) will be sent until January 9, 2017 on one of the conference e-mails: 6cnis@utcb.ro or 2cniss@infp.ro. The notice of acceptance will be sent to authors by March  15, 2017.

The accepted papers will be sent in .doc and .pdf formats at the same conference e-mails (6cnis@utcb.ro or 2cniss@infp.ro) for publication in the Conference proceedings. Papers will be in English and will have a maximum of 8 pages.

Because of the numerous requests of the interested participants in 6 CNIS & 2 CNISS, the Scientific and Organizing Committees decided to extend the deadline for the submission of the abstracts until March 6th, 2017.

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Paper Template [doc]
References Template [pdf]

The 6th National Conference of Earthquake Engineering and The 2nd National Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology